What Is Gaming All About?

The internet is undoubtedly full of different types of activities that allow for hours of entertainment. This can range from listening to music or podcasts, watching movies or getting involved in gaming and gambling. Often, gaming and gambling are put into the same category, when they are actually two very distinct types of activity.

Many individuals enjoy either taking part in gaming or gambling or sometimes both. There are also some people to be found, who are definitely against either one or both, of these activities. It is key to distinguish between the two, as to what the differences are.

What Is Gaming?

Gaming is when an individual is taking advantage of applications that provide different forms of electronic games, which includes video games. These are often played on designated consoles, or they can be played on the internet through various platforms. When played on the internet, it is referred to as online gaming. Some interpretations of gaming will indicate that it is another word for gambling. However, the significant difference with gaming is that most often, no type of wagering is involved, so technically this puts it outside of the realm of gambling.

Different Types Of Gaming

When one is enjoying gaming via the computer, there are many different categories of games to be appreciated. These include:

  • MMO

This refers to massively multiplayer online games. It allows players to all enjoy the same game, via the internet, through a platform that they can all access at the same time. The advantage to this type of gameplay is that those that are involved can play from any part of the world.

  • Adventure games

Adventure games can be played as an individual player, or they can be played as groups. Usually, in adventure games, there is some type of theme, where the player will take on the character role that is involved in the theme. Their task is to go through a series of missions to become victorious.

  • Simulation games

In simulation games, the player gets to take control of an object such as an aeroplane or tank, for example. One of the advantages of using simulation games is to be able to teach the user the real way of using these types of vehicles. They are often used for games of enjoyment but are also used as an educational tool.

  • Strategic games

These are often referred to as RTS or real-time strategy. Gamers that are enjoying this type of game have to develop strategies to move throughout the game, to get to different levels. As they do so along the way, there are resources that they can collect to help them with their journey.

  • Puzzles

There are a lot of individuals that enjoy the different types of puzzles. Puzzles are often the games that junior players will enjoy online. It often happens, those children who are just learning what gaming is all about will start out with puzzles.

  • Action games

Action games are one of the most favourite types of gaming activities, and also one that many adults become concerned about their children being involved in. This is because some of them are quite graphic and come with a great deal of violence.

  • Sports

Among the gaming categories, one that is also very popular is the variety of sports games that can be played by gamers, that allows them to simulate the sports in the real world.

  • Educational

There are a lot of educational activities and games, that can be used to enhance the learning process of children of all ages. These are a tool that is being used as a resource, to make learning more attractive, and to pique the interest of children that need extra help.

While gaming, when correctly classified, does not include wagering, it has been taken to another level for some of the categories. This has opened up a new level called E-sports. Although E-sports does not always mean that gambling is involved. E-sports is where a type of video game will be played in front of fans or spectators. Most often in E-sports, the players are considered to be professional gamers. E-sports have become popular very quickly, and this is what has created the interest into bringing it over into the gambling industry. What it allows for, is some of the E-sports will enable bets to be placed on the winners.

There are those that are for gaming, and those against gaming. But it is up to each individual to form their own opinions.